The Moment – And Why We Travel

Most of us recall one event –a second, minute, hour, day or maybe a special event – that forever changed us.  Parents frequently recall the birth or adoption of their child.  A man recollects his first glimpse of his bride at the end of the aisle on their wedding day.  Teenagers reminisce about their first […]

three programs

The Skinny on The New and (mostly, but still not yet) Combined Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, and Ritz-Carlton Rewards

As promised in yesterday’s post, we’ve done our analysis of the new Marriott Rewards program here at You Too Can Travel.  Overall, its relieving to know that so many of our point addiction fears evaporated.  Most of us stand to realize extra benefits and expanded rewards, with only a few minor benefit reductions.  Without a […]

ship in turks

How to Cruise – A Quick Guide to First Time Cruisers (things that they might not tell you)

  You’ve done it!  After spending more time on cruise research than a sloth typing a form at the DMV,  you selected your cruise, coordinated the flights and are ready to go.  So now what?  Get ready for the bombardment of information on excursions, enhanced dining and packaged adult beverage plans.  You can easily learn how […]


A Forgotten Path To FREE Travel

It’s all about the miles and points.  For some of us, it even borders on a pseudo religion!   And rightfully so……sans the worship of course.   But before becoming a miles millionaire, traveling on holiday at least once per year with free flights was a reality, and it wasn’t because of miles.  The magic potion is […]

Flag over Lake Pactola

YES! You absolutely should visit Rapid City and The Black Hills of South Dakota in the winter.

Tourism in the Black Hills, or Rapid City, South Dakota area is generally thought to be a summertime event.  Mount Rushmore, the canyons, the culture, the parks and history are all great activities that everyone should experience.  But take a closer look.  You may find that there may be more to experience in the winter.  […]


They Just Don’t Know!

Last week, I was speaking to my wife’s friend while she was waiting for her kid’s.  We had just returned from a two-week trip to Bali, and let’s just say my complexion was a little more bronze than the normal person in the Northern Plains.  She made the semi-obligatory comment on my tan, and a […]